1-2 page APA format on safety restraints

1-2 page APA format on safety restraints

Question descriptionAfter you find a scholarly nursing journal article using the Chamberlain library resources, you will complete a one-two page summary and reflection on the article. The paper should be completed in APA format and include the following.  A cover page (not included in the page number requirement)  A reference page (not included in the page number requirement)  One direct quote from one of your references, appropriately cited in the body of your paper  One indirect quote (or paraphrased reference) appropriately cited in the body of your paper  Citations and references in APA format

Improper use of restraints leads to patient
safety concerns
Experts call for alternatives to physical restraints, particularly when managing ICU
patients and older adults with delirium
In a 2014 article published in The Atlantic, Ravi
Parikh, a resident in internal medicine and primary care
at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, describes
his time as a medical student at a different hospital,
where physical restraints were routinely used for elderly
patients in the ICU that were delirious.
In the article, Parikh admits that many of the patients
he cared for in the ICU did not need restraints. However,
physicians often fell back on the use of physical
restraints to devote necessary time to other high priority
patients in unit.
“As one of my senior residents confided in me, when
caring for the sickest patients in the hospital, restraining
a delirious patient might be the only way to devote time
to other seriously ill patients,” he wrote.
Still, Parikh said witnessing delirious adults straining
against their physical restraints “was one of the most
troubling things I witnessed as a medical student.”
The article brings to light some of the controver

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