1. (tco 1) candle-mix, a supply house for scented and unscented

1. (TCO 1) Candle-Mix, a supply house for scented and unscented tapers and other ceremonial candles to houses of worship, restaurants, and other establishments, has experienced a downturn in business in the last two years. Upon investigation, Kim, the owner of Candle-Mix, learns that the same candles that they sell are available from online retailers for at least 13% less. The firm will not be able to survive if customers continue purchasing from competing e-retailers. Candle-Mix maintains a storefront for selling candles but does not provide other services or products. Which of the following would most likely enable Candle-Mix to recapture their previous customers and gain new customers? (Points : 10)                               
1. (TCO 2) Our textbook discusses three channels of distribution that employ sales professionals.  Discuss the main components of the Consumers Channels.  Which career opportunity within this channel do you see yourself working in?  Explain why you chose this option. (20 points) (Points : 20)       



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