10 Page paper Research in Political Science

The above assignment is for my Research in Political Science class and we have a paper do tomorrow that I have yet to start due to an overload of work. My professor has broken the paper up into sections that i have a rubric for and i will attach the documents. The paper is originally 20 pages but i’m asking whomever to do 10 pages and I will finish the rest myself, I just need it to be started. My topic is pretty simple, it’s a comparison and research paper on police brutality in the 1990s vs this present day. My professor is a Doctor and is very strict so keeping in mind how last minute the paper is i still need it done to the best of whoever’s ability, i ask that you provide whatever sources you used so i can list them in the paper so if possible please just go ahead and start a works cited page that i can add to. Anymore questions feel free to communicate with me and i will answer to the best of my ability.

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