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Grazian provides many examples of highbrow and lowbrow culture. The implication is that many activities associated with popular culture are indicative of class status. For the purposes of this discussion, please critically examine and provide examples of your perception of highbrow and lowbrow culture that are perhaps not included in the text (or, if you choose one that is discussed in the text, elaborate on it a bit more). Can you think of any forms of culture activities that you believe exemplify the definition of a cultural omnivore? What were your thoughts when reading this chapter?

For example, Grazian discusses an affinity for country and class rock music genres as representative of lowbrow culture – this struck me as odd, considering I am an avid listener of both and concert attendance of both forms of music hold audiences of many different social classes. Did any of the examples provided strike you as odd?

These examples highbrow and lowbrow culture, of course, are not to be insinuative of a negative status of any activity. It is my personal belief that we are able to enjoy all forms of popular culture that we’d like, so this is simply an exercise of how society may define different activities.


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