13 Public Health Issues in 2013

13 Public Health Issues in 2013

Read all Paper instructions below please.

Go to this website:

In this web page, there are 13 topics.
Provide an overview of what issues relate to each of the 13 topics.
Write a 1 page paper on each one of the 13 topics.
This will be a total of approximately 13 (essays) pages.
Do NOT connect the essays together. Each issue (essay) is by its self.
Use at least 3 references from good sources in EACH essay (page).
Use APA format (Reference page, double space, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins)
Don’t use any cover pages. and don’t put student name or class.
You may exceed the 1 page limit, but you cannot write less than 1 page for each issue.
Use excellent grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling.
Once again, each page will NOT be related to the previous one. It is basically a 13 essays assessment. Every essay is one page. and each page must have at least 3 references from good sources.
reference page will be page number 14.
Be absolutely free to send me an email or a massage if you have any questions.

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