Business Report Assignment

Overview of the Business Report Assignment This assignment, worth 100 points, is made to provide you the chance to analyze, present, and summarize data in the format of a standard business report. Instructions Although you have previously finished two writing projects and have received written comments, it’s critical that we go over my expectations once more. The directions for the assignment, any textbook pages that serve as references, the evaluation standards, due dates, and other submission requirements will all be reviewed by the students. Assignments will be written in accordance with the guidelines for business writing provided in your textbook. You’ve already been given this material to read, and you’ve already taken the content test. As you are aware, business writing demands attention to detail, structure, grammar, capitalization, style, and spelling in contrast to SMS text messages (text-speak), which employ phrases, abbreviations, and lack capitalization. There won’t be any severe grammar, punctuation, capitalization, structuring, or format problems in the assignments. Before submitting your assignment for review, please proofread it. The student enrolling in the course will be responsible for producing all assignments. For more information, please study the course material and the university’s honor code. Preparedness Resources Please take some time to get ready by reading the following materials before starting this assignment: Look over the task. Instructions for Routine Reports (Business Reports) Review your textbook below. Review the steps for creating and embedding a chart in MS Word:? MSWord 2007: Instructions on how to make graphs using Excel 2007 and MSWord 2007. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/HA100997391033.aspx Reporting Tasks Instructions 1. Read the academic honor code of the university. A failing grade for the entire course will be assigned for conduct that breaches the university’s academic honor code. This regulation will be severely upheld. 2. Use MS Word to create your assignment. You may use MW Word 07 or a later version. MS Word must be used. 3. When saving the assignment, give the file a name that includes your last name (for example, REPORT-GARCIA). 4. By the specified deadline, upload (do not copy and paste) the saved file in the associated “Assignment Drop Box” at Turnitin.com. Policy for Late Assignments? Assignments that are turned in after the given due date are regarded as being late and can be dropped off in the late box. The submission of assignments that do not follow the specified instructions is likewise regarded as tardy. Late submissions need to be made at Turnitin.com in the designated “Late Drop Box” by the specified “Late Assignment Deadline.” Only 50% of the original point value of the assignment may be awarded to late submissions. Instructions for Late Submission for Partial Credit (Up to 50%) 1. Go over the aforementioned submission guidelines. 2. By the specified deadline, upload (do not copy and paste) the saved file in the Turnitin.com location designated as the “Late Assignment Drop Box”
Assignment for a Regular Report
Scenario: Your business is fast growing, and in the past five years, your 500-person startup team has grown to 4,200 people. Your CEO has asked you to implement a 3-part Office Community Initiative (OCI) to be introduced in the following fiscal year in an effort to promote team member engagement and boost office morale. The OCI will be divided into three categories: Inter-office relations (IOR), which measure how well employees get along with one another, team member morale (TMM), and office community outreach (OCO), which measure how the office gives back to the community it serves, are also taken into account. Each of these three topics should be covered in your final report.
As a first step in identifying potential solutions, the CEO, Ms. Suarez, has given you the assignment of examining the communication practices and attitudes of the employees. She is open to supporting anything from office events to guest lecturers, but making the choice requires a comprehensive knowledge of the needs of the relationships among the employees. Your employee survey data is summarized in Figures 1 through 4.
Figure 1: Attitudes of Employees? Attitude in Current Position: satisfaction/morale levels? I enjoy my work: 462 (11%). I enjoy my work: 2,688 (64%). I’m happy with my job: 966 (23%)? I dislike my job: 84 (2%).
? Figure 2: Relationships Among Employees? Interaction: How much time do you spend working with others? Daily and weekly totals: 546 (13%)? Weekly, on specific days: 1,176 (28%)? 2,268 (54%) at random? Never: 210 (5%)
Figure 3: The Impact of Potential Office Engagement Improvements Which of the following would you advise using most frequently: engage with other employees? (Tick each application.) a percentage of respondents. One or more may be checked by an employee.
? Workspace with an open floorplan: 756 (18%)? Improved lounge and break areas: 852 (5%)? 1,176 (12.8%) voluntary employee events or gatherings? 252 (6%) events or activities were required for employees. Employee incentive programs (1,722 [41%]), including employee of the month, etc. 1,302 (31%) subcommittees or initiatives involved teams from various departments? Nothing could motivate me to participate more than I must: 210 (5%)
Figure 4: Participation of the Community? How frequently do you volunteer or work in the community? At least: 336 (8%) each month? periodically: 840 (20%)? Every year or two: 1,806 (43%)? Never: 1,218 (29%)
Task: In a memo report to your boss, Ms. Suarez, present your three-part Office Community Initiative (OCI) and include the data you have gathered.
Since this is a brief report, it will not have a title page, a table of contents, or any appendices. Do not put the visualized data at the conclusion of the report; it must be included in the text (body) of the document.
Organizing Principles:
CEO Ms. Suarez, please
FROM: Type Your Name Here
Month, Day, and Year
Office Community Initiative (OCI) as the subject
Start your report memo with a succinct introduction that briefly describes the context, issue(s), opportunity(s), purpose, range, and organization of the report. For more information, consult your text, paying close attention to Chapter 10 (pp. 248–267) and some sections of Chapter 9 (pg. 222-236), as a proposal can be seen of as a type of persuasive messaging.
You must include figures to support each set of data in the report’s body. Remember that this section of the report needs a suitable header and that each of the four figures needs a reference statement, a caption, and, if necessary, a legend. Don’t include the information in a table or a list with bullets or numbers.
For instance:
A reference statement outlining what the graph represents should come before it. Figure 1 serves as an illustration of employee attitudes, for instance.
Figure 1: Attitudes of Workers
Construct the figure. Choose the figure that best represents the data. Is a pie chart, a bar chart, or a line chart appropriate? After selecting the chart to use, check your text for any formatting requirements. How big a chart should it be? Should the order of the data be ascending or descending? Where should the labels be placed? Does the graph need to have a legend? Is the illustration thorough, coherent, clear, and persuasive (the textbook contains guidelines)?
Note: If you are unsure of how to generate charts in MS Word or how to embed them from Excel, you should use the Help function in MS Word. You may also find it helpful to read the following webpages:
Explain the relevance of the data right after the chart. The caption for the illustration is what it is called.
For instance, Figure 1 shows this, as you can see.
Offer your three-part Office Community Initiative (OCI) once all four charts have been completed. Team Member Morale (TMM)—the satisfaction an employee feels from their work—Inter-Office Relations (IOR)—the manner that employees interact with one another—and Office Community Outreach (OCO)—the ways that the office gives back to the community it serves—are all important topics to cover. Each suggested section needs to be carefully described and logically built from the facts. The headline for this section of the report must also be relevant. Each section should only have one proposal. Don’t, for instance, mention the possibility of working with a Boys & Girls Club and constructing a home with Habitat for Humanity when talking about community outreach. Decide on a course of action and fully define your plan.
For instance:
Describe your recommendations in a paragraph that serves as the introduction to this section of the report.
Morale of the team: XXX
Describe your solution and why it makes sense.
Office relationships: XXX Describe your solution and why it makes sense.
Community service at the office: XXX Describe your solution and why it makes sense.
Your report should be concluded with a summary of the main ideas discussed in the report’s body. Don’t include any brand-new information in your conclusion. Invite Ms. Suarez to get in touch with you to talk about the report’s suggestions before concluding.
Criteria for Evaluation Outstanding: (90-100%) The report shows excellent application of the concepts and guidelines for corporate communication that were covered in the readings and activities. There are no mistakes in the assignment’s structure, content, language, spelling, punctuation, or data visualization. The four data sets are adequately illustrated.
Exceptional: (80-89%) The report shows above-average application of the readings’ and exercises’ discussed business communication concepts and principles. There are a few small problems in the assignment’s content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure, and/or data visualization. The four data sets are adequately illustrated.
Suitable: (70–79%) The report effectively applies the concepts and guidelines for business communication that were covered in the readings and activities. There are a fair number of problems in the assignment’s structure, content, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and/or data visualization. Three of the data sets are correctly illustrated.
Poor: (1-69%) The readings and exercises’ explanations of business communication concepts and principles are used inconsistently in the report, which also frequently makes severe errors in its content, structure, spelling, language, punctuation, and/or data visualization that change its meaning. Two sets of data, at least, are not clearly illustrated.
Zero points (0% for incomplete) The memo was not completed in accordance with the published guidelines or was not submitted on time.
A failing grade for the entire course will be assigned for conduct that breaches the university’s academic honor code. If you need further information, please study your curriculum and the university’s honor code. Please ask your instructor or academic advisor if you have any questions about the policy. This regulation will be severely upheld.

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