Evaluating practice through theories and models
Evaluating practice through theories and models (4500 words excluding case study)


Introduction (500 words)
Review of models:
1. Nightingale: An Environmental Adaptation Theory (500 words)
Discuss and Critique providing an overview of the strengths and weakness
2. Dorothea Orem: Self-Care Deficit Theory (600 words)
Discuss and Critique providing an overview of the strengths and weakness

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Henderson: Needs Theory (700 words)

Case study, applying Hendersons Needs Theory (Provide evidence-based rationale)

a. Introduction (150 words) (Provide evidence-based rationale)
b. Nursing assessment (750 words, fourteen needs mentioned in Hendersons theory)
(Provide evidence-based rationale)
c. Diagnosis (75 words) (Provide evidence-based rationale)
d. Outcome &planning (75 words) (Provide evidence-based rationale)
e. Implementation (650 words) (Provide evidence-based rationale)
f. Evaluation (200 words) (Provide evidence-based rationale)

Conclusion (100 words)
Appendix 1: Case study
Appendix 2: Fourteen Needs
Case study:
Mr. Jonathan Neo, a 61 year old Chinese male, widowed with one child, chronic smoker (10 sticks/day) since 26 years, pre-morbidly independent with poor social support, admitted to the general ward with chief complaints of shortness of breath, inhalers not effectiveness, fever for two days, vomiting and cough with whitish phlegm, no blood, nil complaint of chest pain. Reduced diet intake because of shortness of breath and vomiting.
Past medical history of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with frequent hospitalization.
Upon examination, Mr. Jonathan Neo appears loss weight and lethargic, his blood pressure was 141/88 mm of Hg, heart rate 122/minute, respiratory rate 29/minute, oxygen saturation ranging from 87 to 90% on room air, temperature 38.3 degree Celsius.
Mr. Jonathan Neo looks tensed and emotional about his current hospitalization. He always verbalized that “I want to go back to home now”.

One reference compulsory for each 100 words. ( 1 author only one time)
For reference, Books & Article should be within last 5 years.

eg:- of ref model (Harvard referencing)
As a professional discipline, this knowledge is important for guiding practice. (Liehr & Smith, 2008).

ref list eg:-
Royse, D.D. (2008) Research methods in social work(5th ed.), Stamford : Cengage Learning

Preference link for Research Assignment
• Joanna Briggs InstituteURL
• National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)URL
• Scottish Inter-collegiate Guideline Network (SIGN)URL
• The Cochrane CollaborationURL
• Library LinksURL

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