2. How do you define professionalism and how does professional responsibility influence your work?

Interview a person in a formal position of leadership within your organization (e.g., a supervisor, a manager, a director). Begin your interview with the following questions:

1.  What is your role as a health care team member?

Currently I work as the Trauma Coordinator for a Level IV trauma facility, my role as a health care team member is to coordinate patient care, monitor and assure that our facility is following state regulations, head up the quality assurance process, educating the nursing staff and monitoring their certifications are just a few of my responsibilities.
2.  How do you define professionalism and how does professional responsibility influence your work?

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To me professionalism is made up of several qualities, your appearance, attitude and willingness to work with others are just a few. Being in an administrative role, it is my responsibility to behave in a professional manner all the time. I have to lead by setting a good example for others to follow, I can not expect something of others that I am not willing to do myself.
3.  Do you consider leaders in your organization stewards of health care? Why or why not?

Yes, the leaders in at my facility are stewards of health care. Our facility is an extension of a University with magnet status, we are highly encouraged to continue our education and be active members of groups and organizations that play an active role in improving health care at state and national levels.
4.  Is it important to you that leaders exercise professional advocacy and authenticity as well as power and influence when working with colleagues? Why or why not?

Yes, authenticity, professional advocacy, power and influence area all qualities that nursing leaders have that make our profession one of the most trusted, if it were not for these qualities, we would not have the trust and respect that nursing has gained through the years.



In 500-750 words, summarize your interview and share your impressions of the leader’s responses.

Compare and contrast responses provided by your peer (in Professional Identity and Stewardship – Part I: Peer Interview assignment) with those provided by the leader. Share your impressions of their differences and similarities.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.



  1.  Comprehensive summary of leader interview is provided with detailed explanations of each component of professional identity and a thoughtful discussion of the interviewer’s perceptions of the interview experience.
  2.  Comparison and contrast of peer responses with those provided by the leader and student’s impression of those differences and similarities demonstrate a clear understanding of roles, professionalism, stewardship, and advocacy as it applies to leadership, while demonstrating higher level thinking as indicated by evidence of reflective thought.
  3. Thesis and/or main claim are comprehensive; contained within the thesis is the essence of the paper. Thesis statement makes the purpose of the paper clear.
  4. There is a sophisticated construction of paragraphs and transitions. Ideas progress and relate to each other. Paragraph and transition construction guide the reader. Paragraph structure is seamless.
  5. Writer is clearly in command of standard, written, academic English.

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