2 page for each question (answer the question and write an essay about it from the reading )

2 page for each question (answer the question and write an essay about it from the reading )

Possible Question 2

Imagine that you are advisor to Rep. Ima Policywonk(R-OR), who prides herself on her hands-on, no-nonsense approach to policy. She wants to fix the “education problem”, which she thinks is a matter of kids not being trained for the modern workplace. She asks you to develop a plan for a perfect education system for her by 9 am, December 6, 2018 using the rational -comprehensive approach.

Using education, send Ima a memo in which you do the following:

– Describe and analyze the proper conditions, strengths and weaknesses of the rational-comprehensive approach.

– Compare and explain alternate approach to policy formulation supported by Charles Lindblom. ( in the reading )

– How would you yourself try to develop a policy to improve the education system ?

Possible Question 3

– Identify and briefly explain the four basic methods of legitimation used in the United States. The four basic method is 1- legislative 2- judicial 3- administrative 4- popular direct democracy. Which one is the most “democratic” and which one is the least?

– What will Congress look like in 2019 in terms of party control? What forces might make it hard for the Democrats to unite themselves and the Republicans unite themselves?

– Explain what rulemaking is (here is the bacsic answer for the rulemaking, expand to that and answer how the rulemaking works? )

Administrative Legitimation: Rulemaking Basic rulemaking processes: Notice and comment Three key steps

 1- notice about the intention to make a rule in the Federal Register specifying the agency’s authority, its purposes, its schedule for completing the process, and who to contact 

 2 – opportunity for written public comment (usually groups businesses, and affected governments) 

publication of the final rule in the Federal Registration

and how “informal rulemaking” works. ??

– Finally, identify and explain what you think will be President Donald Trump’s most long-lasting impact on the policy process.

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