2 Pg Paper Public Health (Scholar-Practitioner Project: Surveillance Subject And Data Sources)

Due 6/10 10 p.m est FOLLOW APA FORMAT!!!!


For this week’s Scholar-Practitioner Project assignment “HIV/AIDS in lower income areas),one that has multiple data sources and elaborate on many of the data considerations you must take into account in monitoring the disease.

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The disease or condition you select will be the subject of a disease surveillance system you create throughout the duration of this Project. As such, the portion you submit this week should serve as a preliminary plan for your surveillance system.

To complete this portion of your Scholar-Practitioner Project, write a 2-pg paper that addresses the following:

(Must Be Included In Paper)

· Identify a disease or condition that will be the subject of your Scholar-Practitioner Project surveillance system.

· Identify the population most at risk for the disease or condition you selected.

· Describe the data that you will need to perform the surveillance on your selected disease/condition, including the primary and secondary data sources you will need.

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