2. What morphological structure is responsible for bacterial motility?

Ceate a 2- to 3-page document in Microsoft Word for providing answers to questions in the following review sheets:

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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Week 1 – Review Sheet

Exercise1: Hanging-dropandwet-mountpreparations

1. Howdoestruemotilitydifferfrom Brownianmovement?

2. Whatmorphologicalstructureis responsibleforbacterialmotility?

3. Whyisa wetpreparationdiscardedindisinfectantsolutionorbiohazardcontainer?

4. Whatis thevalueofahanging-droppreparation?

5. Whatis thevalueofa wet-mountpreparation?

Exercise2: Simplestains

1. Defineacidicandbasicdyes.Whatis thepurposeofeach?

2. Whatis thepurposeoffixingaslidethatis tobe stained?

3. Whyarethespecimenstobestainedsuspendedinsterilesalineordistilledwater?

4. Howdoesastainedpreparationcomparewithahangingdropforstudyingthemorphologyand motilityofbacteria?

5. Listat leastthreetypesofbacteriawhosenamesreflecttheirshapesandarrangements,and statethemeaningof eachname.


1. Whatis thefunctionoftheiodinesolutionintheGramstain?If itwereomitted,howwouldstaining resultsbeaffected?

2. Whatis thepurposeofthealcoholsolutionintheGramstain?

3. Whatcounterstainisused?Whyis itnecessary?Couldcolorsotherthanredbeused?

4. Whatis theadvantageoftheGramstainoverasimplestainsuchasmethyleneblue?

5. Inwhatkindofclinicalsituationwouldadirectsmearreportfrom thelaboratorybeof urgent importance?

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