2. Write your essay (3 pages) in Word.

Essay Instructions and Information

1. Read the article

2. Write your essay (3 pages) in Word.

3. Make sure that it is double spaced (no extra space between paragraphs), 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, if you reference (be sure to use APA format for references)

The essay should always use the heading below for your essays:

(your name) (Title of the article)

MGT 435INTF Date

The essay:


Introduction- 2 to 4 sentences.

Body-Tell me what the article was about, implications in health care management

Conclusion-What do you think???? What issues in the article do you see that will impact your role as a manager/health care professional? Be specific, give commentary regarding measures that you would take to help in your field. Do you agree with the article? Is there any room for debate? Remember, the reader wants to know what YOU think. Be analytical, critical, innovative, or all of the above.

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