Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Review

Order Description
Review, and analyze the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge management plan.
located at https://www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/refuges/planningPDFs/rkm_1996_cmpfinal_all.pdf
The review must cover the following areas:

1) Overview of the agency preparing the plan
2) The population goals
3) Key management actions proposed
4) A critical analysis & evaluation of management actions in terms of the implications for the target population using scientific literature & course topics

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Your review should apply the principles of population ecology. You will be graded based on your ability to “show what you know” and your ability to analyze the proposed management actions. In other words, I want to see your assessment of how will the proposed management actions influence the population dynamics of the targeted species. I expect you to specifically speak to how the management actions affect the population dynamics and the plans stated goals. Use terms, concepts, explicit discussion of how the actions will affect the BIDE factors, as well as, any other pertinent concept (Allee, Predator-prey cycles, functional vs numerical responses, etc.). Feel free to criticize the management plan.

Be brief on the background; put most of your effort in evaluating the implications of the management actions on the population goals. But, be sure to be detailed and to address the concepts thoroughly. You should use subheadings, figures, and tables, as appropriate in your paper.

Your literature search should include journal articles/studies on your species and you should use these data to support your analysis. All references must follow APA format both within your writing (using parenthetical citations at the end of every single sentence where you drew from a source) and then again at the end (in a full references section).

1) Overview of the agency preparing the plan (10 points)
2) The population goals (10 points)
3) Key management actions proposed (10 points)
4) A critical evaluation of management actions in terms of the implications for the target population, incorporating population ecology principles and primary scientific literature (50 points)
5) Sources properly cited within the writing and at the end of the essay (10 points)
6) Mechanics, writing style, grammar, spelling, turnitin% (10 points)

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