2011 BMW Concept M5 Making A Statement

BMW is making a statement in 2011 by keeping it simple. By simple, BMW has kept the distinctive vehicle character, while enhancing both performance and efficiency and retaining the same “M” feeling.

The new BMW Concept M5 made its debut at the Auto Shanghai 2011. It impresses with its superior sport exterior and the exclusive BMW M5 driving experience. The high-performance characteristics are reflected by its unique design. In its design the M-specific drivetrain and suspension technology stack the Concept M5 a cut above the rest.

Another unique characteristic that puts the M5 above its predecessors is the M-Class all new V8 engine. Typical M-Class BMW carried the V10, but with new technologies this eight-cylinder power unit delivers a perfect combination of speed and acceleration. With numerous drivetrain innovations this new V8 engine has led to a reduction in fuel consumption and emission levels by more than 25 percent.

The BMW Concept M5’s engine power is transferred to the rear wheels by a seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic. This double- clutch gearbox, which was specifically tuned to the new V8 engine’s performance characteristics, fascinates with extremely fast gear shifting, precise gear selection and a high degree of effectiveness that additionally optimizes the vehicle’s efficiency.

The combination of the new engine with M Drivelogic is supplemented by an Auto Start Stop function. How the Auto Start Stop function works is fascinating; when come to a stop at road junctions, the high-performance engine is temporarily switched off. This avoids any unnecessary fuel consumption during idling. Then to continue on the journey, just release the footbrake and the V8 engine restarts without delay.

The suspension technology especially developed for each model is an equally crucial element of the well-balanced overall concept of any M-Class automobile. Exclusive M-Suspension components include; inter alia, the wheel suspension systems, specific axle kinematics as well as exceptionally effective and weight-optimized brakes, which also remain stable, even under high levels of strain.

The M5 has an integrated diffuser at the lower edge of the rear apron which effectively targets airflow at the end of the undercarriage. As a typical M-Class identifying feature, the BMW Concept M5 is fitted with a double-flow exhaust system, the double tailpipes are located at each side of the diffuser and surrounded by aerodynamically shaped trims. The discreet rear spoiler located on the boot lid serves to optimize the car’s aerodynamic characteristics. This ensures additional down force on the vehicle at high speeds, which contributes to supreme handling of the M5.

The BMW Concept M5 combines outstanding performance resulting from racing-inspired drive and suspension technology with typical M-Class aesthetics that authentically express the vehicle’s dynamic potential.

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