Contemporary Leadership

Order Specifications
Research your preferred senior leader (CEO, CFO, COO, Director, President, Founder, etc.) from any company that has had a significant impact on their respective industry (fashion, music, food, banking, technology, automotive, etc.) using the Internet.

1) Describe the overall leadership style(s) of your chosen senior executive in a six to eight-page paper.
2) Examine the organizational structure and corporate culture of the organization that your selected CEO has managed or is now leading to ascertain the policy of the organization towards human resource management and employee development. Next, describe whether you think the organization’s common vision and workplace productivity have been improved by the leadership style of the senior executives you’ve chosen. To bolster your response, give one to two (1-2) instances of the senior executives’ selected behaviors.
3. Assess the performance of the leaders you’ve chosen based on their moral character and communication skills. Check to see if the chosen leader was successful in inspiring and empowering his or her team members as well as winning over devoted customers.
4) Based on the strategies you believe helped your selected leader succeed at his or her company and within the industry, identify three (3) best practices that other organizational leaders may utilize to inspire people and alter their business. Explain how the advantages that other business leaders might experience from your recommended best practices will support your justification.

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