3.   Do you believe that some supervisors are untruthful where recommendations a

3.   Do you believe that some supervisors are untruthful where recommendations are concerned? Explain
4.   What three functions are salaries meant to perform?
Each question must be in an APAformat (cover pg, references page, in-text referencing, in addition to your textbook reference, at least two other sources from the FNU Electronic Library data base) no less than 300 wrds (full page) of writing per answer.
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
1 changes are mere, am an, …__ ,__ 7 , Y I Q ment: Leader .,Pau H Pietri, and Leon Megglnson, Mana e . ’1Donald Mosle , I ‘:i t 1 , i SI , | ‘ n V on, 5th 9d., p. 336- COPY 9“ 996 Add 50″ We 3V LOHQHIBD nc Rep nted . I . . Longman’’ ‘ ‘ Addison Wesleypermission of >930”: ml“. ”0″ EMPloyae‘ rmance a prai :3″Reviewnmazgmple of how Gloria Rogers conductsl hegfpeg‘f; performtfnce a-.:views Notice they are “conducted according to the ru es 9 .interviewing.” – I DU 3 – ‘4‘ 1Instructions: Assume you are Gloria’s superwsor (manager). How wou d yto improve her performance appraisals? only a few instances did he give specific and objreferences and did not give Smith a copy of his fings. During the appraisal interview, he hinted p0 sfthat she didn’t “fit in” and she “probably woulmuch happier in some other place.” In any even.was satisfied he began the process for eventually “1 -constructed ding the department of her. He reasoned, if alltys formal transfer system failed, this pressure would ultimately force ha:leaving hlm With an even quit. At the time, he hardly noticed she was s- . nquiet through the whole meeting. ‘ As time went by, Smith’s attitude and wdid not improve. In March, Trent was elated to 1e 5% ) an opening existed in another department and Smithrsltys not having a formal employee was interested in transferring. The university’s formaland program. Each transfer po ‘ cy required Trent to complete the which he gladlymatter of fact, he rated Smith mostly “out- E E ward by the univeE S – transfer system he called theIn Ianuary, Trent decided to conduct an appraisal writing down some weaknesses in her‘fiérformance and attitude, he called her in to discuss ’ them. He cited the various weaknesses to her, but,admittedly, most were highly subjective in nature. In

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