3 to 4 pages without the title page or reference pages (5 to 6 total), using at least 4 academic sources.


3 to 4 pages, containing at least 4 academic sources, without the title page or reference pages (total: 5 to 6).

To arrange your paper, use the following headings at the APA level:

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APA title page format

1. Initialization

2. Health Information

a. Explain what an electronic health record is.

b. Evaluate the parallels and distinctions between the paper record and the electronic health record.

3. Digital Records

a. Determine the difficulties in deploying the EHR.

b. Talk about potential issues that may develop in the future as a result of many organizations’ resistance to using electronic health records and how the Affordable Care Act may affect record-keeping.

Future of Records 4.

a. Decide where health record-keeping will go in the future.

b. Talk about the involvement of the public and commercial sectors in the creation of an EHR.

c. Talk about meaningful usage and how it has affected the growth of the electronic health record.

Cost-Benefit Analysis, 5.

a. Compare the costs and benefits of two organizations that are similar to one another and one of which decides to use electronic health records.

b. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of each facility’s decision and how it will affect its revenue stream.

6. Finalization

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