4 dimensionalism and the passage of time

You are to write on the following topic:
Four-dimensionalism and the passage of time

Must use book #1
Book #1. METAPHYSICS: The Big Questions, second edition, Peter Van Inwagen and Dean Zimmerman

(This book is part of the class as well; it may be used as a complement.)
Book #2. METAPHYSICS: A Guided Tour for Beginners
We may use more sources if needed,but book #1 is a must.

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6 pages of word processing, double-space, and page numbering.

1. The paper requires that it have a thesis, a position that addresses the issues to be discussed and the questions to be answered, and that you argue for the thesis.
2. Develop your argument fully and clarify the points you make.
3. If necessary, you may include direct quotations (if quotations include more than a few sentences, indent and single-space them). If you include direct quotations or paraphrase the author,be sure to explain and analyze the material.

The paper will be graded on the basis of philosophical argument, analysis, and clarity.


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