4 immigration Historic events and the effects in modern day

There are four primary goals of the paper.
First, you should explain your chosen theme, and discuss the significance of it to the development of the United States and its history.
Second, you should explain how your theme progressed through American history by discussing four key events between the Civil War through the present. Explain how each event impacted your theme, and why it is significant. You should make the connection between the four (4) historical events, and explain the state of your theme at the end of this historical period through a current event.
Third, you should choose a current event that relates to the topics or theme of the four historical events. Here you should make use of newspapers and news websites in order to gather information on the chosen event. You should briefly explain what the event is (what, when, where) and what its importance is. The current event should have occurred in the last ten (10) years.
Finally, your paper should make use of proper citation. You are required to use your textbook, two assigned primary sources, and at least two outside sources. You should properly cite any quotations used. A bibliography is required, and should include required texts for the course and any other outside sources. Please do not make use of Wikipedia. Use of Wikipedia will result in a lower grade. Also, plagiarism on this assignment will result in a zero (0) for the assignment.

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