How to write an illustrative Essay: Complete Guide

What does the Word Illustration Mean?

This refers to the principle aspect of using comparisons and examples to make clarification.  Take an example of a  illustration essay topic about the pressures encountered by college students. Some of the examples that can be used include peer pressure, financial constraints, society and family related issues.

What is an illustration Essay?

An illustration essay is a form of essay writing that uses  general principles of  comparison and already known examples to  bring out the  whole aspect  idea on a  given topic.

Why is an illustration essay important?

How to write an illustration essay

  1. Select atopic.  Choose a topic which is based on fact, identify the key points and note them down on a small piece of paper.   Essays prompt  have provided some sample topics below.
  2. Do some thorough  research on the topic. upon selecting a topic; it is important to conduct research and gather more information on the topic from other useful materials.  Research is important to allow one to gather facts and evidence.
  3.  Give an outline.  It is important to write an outline which can work as a guide throughout the essay writing process. Note the main points and use examples to illustrate.
  4.   Work on your content. The content should have an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.   Use the outline written to ensure nothing is left out. Use the paragraphs to explain the key points and examples identified.
  5.  Do the final touches and proofread your work. It is important to proofread the final essay before submitting your work. Use grammar and and free anti plagiarism tools correct any grammar mistake like wrong punctuations and spellings.

Components of an illustration essay



Body paragraphs


 Sample topics on illustration essay

  1. Explain the difference between a good leader and  a boss
  2. Pressures encountered by college students
  3. Charity as one of the most progressive form of the modern history
  4. Why people need US medical insurance
  5. Why environment  should be protected
  6. Is there any need of eco-friendly environment
  7.  The importance of electoral collage votes in the United State General elections
  8. Self development is a great way to succeed
  9.  Is is true that the customers are always right?
  10. What makes personal choice a critical aspect of human life.
  11. Why mental health is important during crises.
  12. Do the government need to go go harder in the implementation of gun laws?
  13. Why IT films must constantly improve their technology.
  14. Self-development is a great way to succeed
  15. Motivation helps college students accomplish large academic goals
  16. What makes personal choices a critical element of personal life
  17. Do the government need to go harder on crime related laws
  18. The importance 0of legislation in regulating LGBT culture
  19. Do the government need to go harder 9in implement crime-related laws
  20. How can the reduction of age on consent reduce teen pregnancy?
  21. Describe ways or tactics to reduce illegal abortion
  22. I s global warming a problem? Why or Why Not?

Sample of an illustrative essay

The advancement of technology in the past three decades has impacted many economic sectors globally. In particular, the tangible and intangible benefits brought by technology helps the business realize its goals and meet the customers’ demands appropriately. Moreover, Technology has numerous benefits that enhance success in business; This paper will discuss two of the standout benefits of using technology in business operations to maximize success.

Firstly, communication is the core factor of every business establishment. In business management, communication ensures that teams are working seamlessly irrespective of the geographical location, state or towns where the company affiliates are located. To accomplish this, technology has removed location barriers and made business operations flawless through the networked systems. Outstandingly, corroboration between the organization communication system and working teams is imperative in realizing success (Arasteh et al.) Similarly, communicating with customers requires robust systems for logistics, receiving, and addressing customers queries fast.

Secondly, data analysis powered by technology has revolutionized the way companies organize, disseminate, and interpret data. Significantly, with proper data analysis systems in place, business managers will be able to make informed decisions on customer preferences, behavior, consequently increasing profitability. To illustrate, ZARA, a leader in fashion business has harnessed data analysis technology to make targeted products for customers in specific locations(Aller). Through data collection and analysis ZARA knows each neighborhood’s average resident weight. Accordingly, armed with the data, the company can make and ship the right products for the customers of the targeted location. Above all, data analysis reduces waste, helps in making the correct marketing predictions and consecutively increasing the profit margins.


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