5.1 Assignment-Devotional- The Way, The Truth, The Life Part 5


Getting Started

An old pop song from the early 1980s asked, What’s Love Got to Do With It? The song seemed to imply that relationships could proceed without love and that it was actually safer to engage in some (romantic) relationships by distancing oneself rather than fully committing, although, like many songs, its meaning was open to interpretation.

This devotional assignment gives you the chance to grapple with a similar question, which may call that sort of pessimistic perspective into doubt. Perhaps, even suggesting that for ethical conduct, love has everything to do with it.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Recognize strong ethical leadership attributes by studying leaders in the Bible.

Background Information

This week read John 15:9-17(new tab) (or listen to the chapter(new tab)) Jesus references several words that we’ve already seen in the passage such as obey, love, commands, and remain. He also adds a well-known description that “Greater love has no one….”

After reading the passage, consider the following prompts:

  1. Greater love as laying down one’s life for another seems reflective of being willing to sacrifice for the good of another. How do these themes apply in our personal and professional practice when it comes to ethics and decision-making around people, plans, and resources (or do they?).
  2. Is there any specific thing you’ve studied in the course so far that seems to involve sacrifice for another? For integrity and honesty? For love? What might love and sacrifice look like in various forms in the context of leadership?


  1. Review the Bible text and prompts provided in the Background Information section.
  2. Compose a 200 – 250 word reflection or journal (Word document) on the prompts included in the background information section.

Note: Your reflection does not need to answer each of the provided prompts. Rather, use those prompts to help stimulate your reflection. Your 200 – 250 word “journal” should simply be your personal and professional thinking that emerges from the reading and reflection.


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