5-Paragraph Essay

A 5-paragraph essay is a common, simple, and useful essay model for students who would like to develop or improve their writing skills. A student who joins up the college life with a well and clear background about this model will find his first year easier than other students who don’t know how to write such an essay, that’s why this model is considered as the basic high school essay model. Some people also call this essay model as a “hamburger” essay or “one three one” essay.

Simply, a 5-paragraph essay consists of 5 paragraphs which are: the introduction paragraph, the body which consists of 3 main paragraphs, and the conclusion at the end. Each of these paragraphs has its own function and goal to achieve.

The introduction of an essay is going to give the reader a first impression about the article. First impression has a great role and consequence. It may lead the reader to hurry up reading carefully the whole article because it sounds very interesting to him, or it may let him go away with no chance for his return to read it. It’s the same like the first impression you get when you meet someone, it also has the same effect which is “First Impression Lasts Forever“. Keep that in your mind while writing your introduction, you are required to grab the reader’s attention and motivate them to read the rest of the article.

Now, it’s time to present the main idea of your essay. You have 3 paragraphs which are considered the body of your essay. Before writing the body, you have to decide whether you are going to discuss 3 different ideas, one in each paragraph, or you will be talking about the same idea. This is totally depends on your topic and how you are going to convince the reader with your opinion and thoughts. In case you are going to discuss 3 different ideas, be sure to express the strongest one, the one that has the major effect on the reader, in the first paragraph then state your evidences that support your opinion. You also have to make the 3 paragraphs in harmony; this will make your readers to enjoy more.

The fifth and final paragraph of your essay should be an effective summary for the previous four paragraphs. You have to restate your main idea again briefly and confidently tell your readers that your point of view is correct and better than other opinions.

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