5 Reasons Why the Natural Health Market Needs to Target Women

A businessperson launching a new business in natural healthcare–or kicking an existing one into higher gear–would be wise to focus his or her marketing efforts on women. Here are five reasons why:

–Women make most buying decisions.

According to BusinessWeek.com, women today make more than 80% of buying decisions in all homes. “Today’s woman is the chief purchasing agent of the family and marketers have to recognize that,” says Michael Silverstein, principal at Boston Consulting Group and author of Trading Up: The New American Luxury.

Smart marketers will take female buyers seriously, get into their heads, speak their language…and convince them to buy.

–Women dominate the reproductive health market.

By nature of biology, females have more complicated reproductive systems than males. Considering menstruation (with potential complications such as PMS and cramps), birth control, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, concerns about breast diseases and osteoporosis, etc., women have more gender-specific health issues than men do. Men have some–but not nearly as many.

Because of safety concerns about traditional hormone replacement therapy, expectant mothers not wanting to harm their unborn children, and other problems associated with prescription drugs, this field is wide open for the natural health marketer.

–Women react to drugs differently from men.

Men and women, because of their differing chemical compositions, are affected differently by drugs. Women are also generally smaller and weigh less. Male and female livers metabolize drugs differently–determined, in part, by sex hormones. Drugs are not always tested on women, so, unfortunately, it is sometimes just assumed (wrongly) that they are safe and/or effective for women.

Prescription drugs can be hazardous to women. Natural remedies can alleviate some of the fear and risk.

–Women carry the weight in the weight-loss market.

Roughly one-third of Americans are obese. According to Channel4.com, “Women expect to spend more than £150,000 [$306,874 US] during their lifetime on dieting and getting in shape, according to a poll. Gym memberships, exercise DVDs, supplements and extra fruit and [vegetables] all cost an average of £2,422 [$4955 US] a year…. Over her lifetime, a woman would spend an average of £150,164 [$307,206 US] yet only loses up to 3 lb a year, most of which she puts back on. Each pound in weight therefore would cost £807 [$1651 US] to lose.”

Those numbers alone would motivate many people to look for better ways to lose. Obesity affects both genders, of course, but remember that women make 80% of the buying decisions in a home; women are also the primary supervisors of their families’ health habits. So targeting women in the weight-loss industry–for all members of the family–makes good business sense.

–Women use beauty products (lots of them).

Of course, “beauty” products for men are becoming increasingly popular, but women still dominate this market, spending billions of dollars a year on them. With downsides including high cost and chemical sensitivities, natural beauty products are making inroads into this industry. The possibilities include hair products, skincare products, spa products, and mineral makeup, among others.

There you have them–five reasons to make women the primary focus of your natural health products marketing campaign. When you’re ready to capture this market with persuasive messages about the benefits of natural health products over traditional ones, be sure to choose a copywriter who shares your passion–and knows how to speak to women.

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