5 Things You Should Know About Sex and Spirituality

Sex is often portrayed in the popular culture as medium of ultimate pleasure and delight. Seldom is it seen as an expression of spirituality. However I believe a deeper consideration of this divine gift will broaden and deepen our spiritual dimensions.

1. God Created Sex

The most direct connection of God with sex is that he created it. Consequently sexual intimacy reflects the divine purpose. The pleasure that is derived from engaging in sex suggests that it was not only intended for procreation as some have suggested but it is also a celebration of love. Further the fact that we were created with the capacity for ecstasy speaks volumes about the creator. Being spiritual therefore is about enjoying life to its fullest.

2. Sexual Intimacy is an Expression of Spirituality

The joining of two people in sexual intimacy reflects the unity of all creation and that of the creator. From the biblical perspective God is a triune God, meaning one being in the three persons who are completely unified in purpose and action. This unity is expresses itself throughout nature and all created things. There is an undeniable unity that connects us all to each other and with our environment. This is becoming more evident as we observe the delicate balance that supports life on planet earth and the effects of our actions on the environment. Sexual intimacy is an expression of the underlying unity of creation.

3. Sexual Intimacy Produces Life

Life is sacred. The connection with sex as the source of procreation gives the act undeniable sacredness. Those who engage in sex therefore should do so with a sense of its sacredness. This is evident in the afterglow phase of sex when the physical unity is followed by a spiritual and emotional connection that allows for a deep bonding of the participants that is probably not replicated in other way. Bonding itself is fundamentally spiritual in nature.

4. Good Sex Requires Connection with Self

The ability to maximize the spiritual, emotional and psychological effects of the bonding that takes place in sexual intimacy requires deep intrapersonal connection with myself. This is what prepares me for the deep intimacy of sex. As a therapist and mental health chaplain I often work with persons who use the pleasure of sex as a substitute for dealing with inner pain. For them sex is a purely a biological act. They feel incapable of engaging in the bonding connected to it. This is because of the fundamental disconnection with self.

We conclude then that sexual intimacy is a divine gift designed to bring greater understanding and appreciation for ourselves and our relationship with God and each other.

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