5 Tips to Make eBook Writing Easier

Here are 5 tips to make eBook writing easier and improve their quality:

1. Schedule your writing in minimum 2 hour blocks. Okay so this is really two tips in one. The first is that you must schedule your time. Let’s face it, eBook writing isn’t a lot of fun. If you don’t actually pick a specific time and fix that as your writing time you will never finish. You’ll just find that you delay writing and instead of being productive you’ll waste the time you could have been writing. Maybe you’ll check email or maybe you’ll play with spider solitaire (bad, bad, bad). The one thing you won’t do is write your eBook. The second part of the tip is to schedule writing time in blocks big enough to edit and write one full chapter. You may not need a full 2 hours. Fine, it’s the one full chapter of writing that’s important. Block out that amount of time.

2. Write first, fix later. One of the worst habits you can get in to is to fix as you go. Turn off the spell checker. Turn off the grammar checker. Just sit down and write. Just like you talk. Get the words out on paper. Going back while you write breaks your train of thought. You write much slower than you think. Any chance your mind has of going off into something other than the words on the paper; it’s going to do it. And getting it back on track wastes valuable time. Don’t give it the excuse. Leave the editing until the next scheduled writing time. This has the advantage of getting you back on track and keeping your voice consistent. It’s also a great way to avoid writer’s block.

3 Write your main chapters first. One after another. If you’ve really got your act together you should be able to write each chapter from beginning to end. But if not leave your introduction, conclusion and bridge until after the main part of the chapter has been written. Then write a great hook as your introduction. Then write your conclusion and finally your bridge. When you’ve finished all the chapters, go back and write the introductory and the concluding chapters.

4. Organize your thoughts before writing. This is really related to the next tip. If you have to sit down and think about what you are going to write it’s ten times more difficult. So sit down and list out each of your chapters and then each of the topics. Each topic will become one paragraph of about 100 words. (Of course, when you write your eBook you’ll break those paragraphs up so some topics end up as two or even three real paragraphs). When your eBook is long enough stop. Think of the result as a PowerPoint slide. All you need to do to write your eBook is to talk about the topic for 1 – 2 minutes. Knowing what each paragraph is about will make your writing much easier.

. Have a proper writing system. Even though an eBook is short by book standards, it’s still a complex piece of writing. And the systems, tools and techniques that work for an article or  essay  just won’t work for a long, complex piece like an eBook or book. So get yourself a system that helps you to organize your thoughts and minimize rewriting.

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