5 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Tenants

Almost every Landlord will someday run across a bad tenant. They cause sleepless nights, money issues, yes even the Landlord’s sanity is a target.

So what is a bad tenant anyway?

To me, it is anyone that just won’t pay their rent or trashes your beautiful money-making property.

A lot of things can be forgiven: messy house, kids running around, painting a room without asking. However, if you are not collecting rent, it is equivalent to theft in my eyes. If they are wrecking walls and appliances, it’s money out of your pocket.

So how the heck do you get rid of them?

1. Evict for non-payment of rent. Contrary to what you may have heard, this is the fastest method of ridding yourself of a problem tenant. “Don’t pay, you don’t stay!” The landlord and tenant board frowns upon someone that somehow thinks they are above paying their rent each month/week and will expedite their departure, especially if they have made no effort to pay you anything. Be sure to serve your notices promptly as each day you delay is one more day you are losing money on your property.

2. Scare them. Have a lawyer send a letter along with your standard eviction notices showing exactly how much you will sue them for if they remain in your property damaging and/or not paying rent. Most Lawyers will probably do this for under a hundred bucks.

3. Eviction for violation of lease, damages to property, nuisance to other tenants or performing illegal activities on the property is also possible. Each of these if a little harder to execute, but possible. Notices must be served and eventually you must file in the court if your notice was not answered with corrections of the problem.

4. Bribe them. Tell them you will forgive/give a month’s rent or pay their moving expenses if they leave now. It can be cheaper in the long run than going through a standard eviction. Make sure you have them sign an official early termination of lease so if they do not leave, you will have fast recourse in the courts. If they are late on rent, keep along the original eviction schedule just in case as well.

5. Ask them to leave. Sometimes it can be as easy as asking them to vacate the unit. Perhaps you are moving back into the property, a sibling is taking it over or you need to perform major repairs. There are limits to this; consult your local rental act regarding this.

If you run across a particularly problem tenant that just won’t leave, be sure to have all your paperwork in order. Your best bet is always to have them legally evicted for non-payment of rent, but believe me, they are going to go down with a fight. Be sure your repair log, rent roll and all receipts are in order.

Don’t be afraid to face this situation head on. You are in the right and the courts do recognize the fact a Landlord has to make money from their property.

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