52 cells CH 16   Which of the following is a property shared by cholera toxin,

52 cells
CH 16   Which of the following is a property shared by cholera toxin, botulinum toxin, and E. coli      enterotoxin?
They are endotoxins
they are all produced by Gram positive organisms
c.          they cause diarrhea
d.         they are exotoxins
CH 16   Endotoxins in injectable drugs could cause:
a.          infection                                              c.          nerve damage
b.         septic shock                                         d.         all of the above
CH 16   The least frequently used portal of entry for pathogens is the:
a.          mucous membranes of the respiratory tract
b.         mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract
c.          skin
d.         all are used equally
CH 16   The symptoms of tetanus are due to:
a.          encapsulated Clostridium tetani
b.         the growth of Clostridium tetani in a wound
c.          hemolysins produced by Clostridium tetani
d.         an exotoxin produced by Clostridium tetani
all of the above
CH 16   The LD50 of the botulinum toxin is 0.03ng/kg of body weight.  The LD50 of Salmonella toxin   is 2ng/kg of body weight.  Which of these is the least lethal          toxin? 
a.          Botulinum toxin                        c.          shiga toxin
b.         Salmonella toxin                       d.         can’t tell
CH 16   Endotoxins are
a.          associated with gram-positive bacteria
b.         specific in their method of action
c.          part of the gram-negative cell wall
d.         excreted from the cell
e.          none of the above
CH 16   The scabbing of the throat associated with Corynebacterium diphtheriae infections is the result of:
a.          cytotoxin                                 c.          erythrogenic toxin
b.         neurotoxin                                d.         endotoxin
CH 16   In commensal relationships the microbe is helped and the host:
a.          has no change                                       c.          is harmed
b.         benefits                                               d.         harms the microbe

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