6.2 Discussion  Leader2Leader Dialogue-Reflections


Getting Started

An important part of leading is reflecting. Having conducted your leadership dialogue, you will now reflect on what you discovered. You will also have the benefit of learning from your peers’ reflections as you engage in a thoughtful discussion around the Leader2Leader activity.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

  • Apply key findings from leader dialogue sessions to the personal practice of leading.



  1. Reflecting on your findings from your Leader2Leader dialogue, write an initial postof 300 – 400 words to the following prompt(s) or question(s):
    1. State the position of the leader you talked to in your Leader2Leader dialogue.
    2. What was the most surprising or unexpected thing you heard or learned from your leader?
    3. What seemed to be the most important thing you heard or learned from your leader?
    4. How do you think you will lead differently as a result of your leader dialogue?


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