__________ was responsible for creating the world’s first public schooling system

Provide the missing word/phrase for each of the following. Answers are worth 2 points per blank. Yes a few bonus points are possible in this section!

1)  __________ was responsible for creating the world’s first public schooling system.

2) 1453 was a significant year as it marked the end of the _____________Empire as well as the end of the ___________ war.

3) ___________ built the __________ to quell opposition to his rule and refined centuries of Roman Law into The ____________.

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4) _________ were the Vikings that were responsible for raiding.

5) ___________ infantry often fought without __________ to allow for more mobility during the 100 years war.

6) __________ built the Flavian Amphitheatre, better known today as the ___________.

7) __________ was the historian that provided the official history of the Roman Emperor____________ as well as a scandalous version titled the ___________ History.

8) The citizens blamed the ____________ for the “Apocalypse” that befell them in the 14th century.

9) The Knights ________ were created during the 2nd crusade specifically to protect _________ and act as _________ for the crusaders.

10) The __________ and the ________ were dualist Christians that prompted Pope ___________ to begin the _________ in 1231 to root out heretics.

11) _________________ was the work of art by Botticelli that marked the separation of art from message, to art for art’s ___________.

12) Masaccio’s ____________ represents the full incorporation of _____________ perspective in Renaissance art.

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