A comparison between marriage in Islamic Law and Civil marriage in the U.K. under each heading of comparison.

The first paragraph should address Islamic law, the second should discuss British law, and the third should discuss the results of the comparison.
Please adhere strictly to the instructions.
Use the free academic resources I have access to since my professor will question me about it.

Final-year research project
You will have the chance to demonstrate your ability to apply numerous curricular topics to actual, real-life challenges as part of your graduation research project. You must conduct research, use a variety of sources, and explain your findings orally.

The following requirements must be followed while submitting the research project:
You must select one of the subjects from the syllabus that you are interested in studying.
Before you start writing your research paper, you should talk to me about the subject.
Your topic must be approved by me before you begin writing.
The research’s content must demonstrate that you have acquired information and that you can analyze, apply, synthesize, and present that knowledge.
The research project has a word count of 1800 to 2500.
You are required to consult scholarly resources, including LexisNexis, online.
Before submitting your final draft, you are urged to send me the first portion of your work or the first publication for feedback, corrections, and guidance.
Every reference made in the research’s main body must be listed in the Bibliography.
Exercise your judgment and critical thinking.
Provide information in a systematic and logical order.
As much as feasible, use your own words and ideas while referencing scholarly research and supporting data.

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Use the strategy below as a guide.
Project organization:
the contents table
The issue with the study
research techniques
synthesis body

Heading The first and second paragraphs

First paragraph: Subheading Second paragraph:

Subheading The first, the second, and the third paragraphs

Heading The first and second paragraphs


Final thoughts and suggestions




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