A description, and application of each step in your chosen decision making model

Please read the vignette below and respond to the following questions. You MUST apply an appropriate ethical decision making model from Bersoff or apply another ethical decision making model which you may prefer (e.g., Canadian Psychological Association; NASP, etc.). Use the steps of the decision making model to discuss your decision making process.

These responses should normally be three (3) to five (5) pages in length, and must explicitly use a decision making model to demonstrate understanding of the application of the ethical principles. It is not enough to just name a decision-making model; you must walk through the steps in your discussion.

It is rare for an ethical dilemma to involve only one issue, so you should take the time to reflect on the complications that present themselves in the situations described in the vignette.


  1. A description, and application of each step in your chosen decision making model. The several applicable ethical principles should be cited by number from the ethics code. The APA Ethics code should always be cited from its original publication or current APA publication NOT from your text.
  2. Discuss relevant ethical standards.
  3. Answer the questions posed by the vignette.


Financial Dilemma Vignette

You are treating a young adolescent who has mild mental retardation. He demonstrates serious peer relation problems (i.e. his classmates pick on him and make fun of him and he lacks social skills to deal with this). He has poor self esteem, gets frustrated easily, and responds with occasional temper outbursts. You have developed good rapport with him and he is making progress toward his therapy goals. His parents indicate that he is visibly improving.     

Mom works in a factory and has the insurance that covers her son’s treatment. She gets laid off. Your patient’s Dad is a bricklayer. He offers to build a planter in front of your office, trading the normal rate he would charge a customer against the normal rate you charge for psychotherapy with his son.


What are the issues here? What should you do?


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