A friend has asked you to help her decide how to protect her soon-to-be-opened bakery from liability, while still maintaining a business structure that fits her needs. Compare and contrast two (2) different possible business entities that would be suitable for her and explain why. Be sure to support your response with legal reasoning.

how to maintain the ideal organizational structure for her soon-to-open bakery while still protecting it legally


You must contend with escalating expenditures as a small business owner, particularly those related to insurance, employment, and other expenses. Instead of going through the expense and process of hiring “actual” employees, you choose to hire some buddies and pay them on the job. Your buddies represent the company to relatives and family, interact with clients and suppliers, and dress professionally. One buddy or employee makes excessive vendor purchases. The person has ordered from the vendor for months, and the merchant has interacted with the person countless times.
Are you responsible for the incorrect order since the individual who placed it wasn’t your “employee,” but rather a friend you hired?
Discuss the agency implications that apply in this case and give at least one (1) example of how the corporation might be able to cancel or return the disputed order.
Make sure to use terms and meanings from the reading to support your legal analysis.


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A friend has asked you to decide how to maintain the ideal organizational structure for her soon-to-open bakery while still protecting it legally. Compare and contrast two (2) potential company entities that would work for her, and explain your reasoning. Make sure to provide legal justification for your response.


Based on the film, did the business depicted there permit a security breach in accordance with the rules and principles stated in the text? If not, why not? What steps were taken to address the problem, and did they suffice in light of the law? What legal actions ought to be taken by the business (or ought to have been taken by the business) to protect customers’ privacy? Make sure to back up your assertions.



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