A game with the following mechanics on C++: The town is a minimum of a 20 x 20 p

A game with the following mechanics on C++:
The town is a minimum of a 20 x 20 playable grid.
The town at it’s most basic has no obstacles just like a flat playing field
The town has a Pasture of Generation located in it from which all cows appear
You need to find characters from the ASCII character set to represent the Cows and the You
Make the game at night, so the you can only sees the 3 squares around in all directions with the Flashlight of Illumination, Mad Cows can see in the dark so they find it funny you has a flashlight, and are attracted to you like a moth to a flame.
The “Stupid” Cows
These cows wander around random using an attack at random times just to keep things stirred up.
They really have no brain left having consumed too many hormones of milk production
The “Smarter”Cows These cows see you and actively attack. They seriously want you to believe them!!
They will attack as soon as they get in range
They are smart however so they sometimes act like “Stupid” cows to fool you
The Cow’s  Attacks
Bombs of BS (BBS)  – this attack only works if the cow is right next to you. it has a 46.75% chance of succeeding against you. When the attack succeeds you lose 10 IQ points and run directly away from the cow for random number of squares ( from 2 up to 7 ). 
Sonic Horns of Doom (SHD) – this attack is valid from three squares away and has an 75% chance of hitting you (yeah cow’s accuracy has been a huge topic on social media ), however if you are stunned it has a 95% chance of hitting you. When this attack hits, you are stunned and can’t take an action for one turn and can’t see for two squares around you for two turns and you lose 10 IQ points.
The Human aka youYou, being a superior human have a random number of IQ points from 100 – 200, However if your IQ is ever less than 70 you simply drool and have lost the game.
The Human Defense and Attacks
Backyard Bombs of Queso (BBQ)  – when used this attack will kill the cows. However they are fast at denial and the attack has only a 47% chance of hitting.
Very Effective Attack Lasers (VEAL)  – when deployed, this will stun the cows for a round, and they won’t be able to attack it hits with a 90% efficiency
Movement and turnsYou and the cow each get two actions per turn
You and the cows can move in any of the surrounding directions and squares Up, down, left, right, diagonally too. Movement consumes one action per square
Any attack by the you or the cow takes one action.
You and the cows may not occupy the same square.
That’s the game basics. Please note that some of the code I’ll be showing will be windows specific.
Extra creditAny additional attacks for the cows and you (if and only if you have successfully implemented the base game).
The use of direct keyboard input vs a menu
Anything cool

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