a literary summary on names

In an short essay of 2-3 pages, write a literary summary on the “name” topic.
Please use the examples from these two readers. Liu, Whatu2019s in a Name_ A Job!.docx 
Psychology Today, What’s in a Name.docx . 
Just kinda summarize the ideas in these two  articles with the theme like 
“A name is not only a sign to represent a person, but also can reveal the cultural background, gender, his parents’ expectation etc. It will probably affect a person’s whole life”
Here’s another long article from the book”freakonomics”…but I think it is too long for you to read..and it takes time:D If you need this resource, I will post it.
So here’s an sample essay that you can read through….please help me write this short summary in this format, you can use the ideas and examples in this essay, but you need to paraphrase it ! especially those cited source. And you can change the order of the sub-points.
Not Just a Name.docx 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to lemme know.

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