A personality clash refers to the fact that sometimes people:

A personality clash refers to the fact that sometimes people: 

-basically dislike each other.
-are violent on the job.
-have different goals.
-are too much alike.

Question 2

An example of a cultural blooper would be for an American to:

– pressure an Asian job applicant to brag about personal accomplishments.

– deemphasize organizational rank when conducting business in Scandinavia.
-upon first contact, address a French executive by title and last name.
-give a small gift to a Japanese business associate.

Question 3

Linda Yang, a labor relations specialist, wants each side to leave the negotiating table well satisfied. Yang is best advised to use which style of conflict management?

– competitive
– collaborative

Question 4

In quid pro quo sexual harassment, the harassed person:

-is intimidated with sexually-toned language.
-loses out because of refusal to grant a sexual favor.
-receives favorable treatment because of refusal to grant a sexual favor.

-gets even with harasser by harassing him or her.

Question 5

The method of identifying the true source of conflict and resolving it systematically is called:

-framing the outcome in positive terms.
-disarming the opposition.
-confrontation and problem solving.
-beginning with a plausible offer, but allow room for negotiation.

Question 6

Sam and Muriel argue over who gets to use the new wireless laptop computer. Their conflict is best classified as:

-differences in goals.
-personal differences.
-competition over limited resources.
-conflict-prone job duties.

Question 7

A manager who says to a group member, Are you going to be stupid for the rest of your life? is most likely engaging in:

-competition over limited resources.
-win-win conflict resolution.

Question 8

A person with high cultural sensitivity is likely to:

-regard people from different cultures as pretty much the same.
-be too sensitive to criticism from people from different cultures.
-recognize nuances in customs among cultures.
-overlook nuances in customs among cultures.

Question 9

People with high cultural intelligence are able to:

-learn foreign languages quickly.
-observe subtle cues about how to act in another culture.
-quickly pick up facts about a different culture.
-get through airport customs inspection without arousing suspicion.

Question 10

The diversity umbrella is supposed to include:
-men as well as women.
-everybody in an organization.
-all members of the work force except top management.
-members of all groups who have been discriminated against in the past.

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