“A structured decision-making process ensures smarter business decisions.”

“A structured decision-making process ensures smarter business decisions.”

Based on the above quote, write an essay to explain how the business decision process is integral to the overall outcome. In presenting your answer address each of the stages of the business decision process and use examples from real-life situations and research to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the whole concept.

  • Identify appropriate techniques to assist in solving business problems across different business disciplines.
  • Identify and interpret problems using a systematic approach to business decision-making.
  • Access, analyse and critically evaluate relevant information to solve challenging business problems systematically.

Written task: Essay
Length: 800 words

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Other Instructions: Writing Style
* Use formal business English that is clear and easy for the reader to follow.
* Use well-constructed paragraphs to address the task. Ensure each paragraph has a topic sentence that relates to the thesis statement in the introduction.
* Use new vocabulary introduced in the unit.
* Headings may be used.
* Check your work for expression, grammar, spelling, and punctuation before submitting.
* Referencing APA 6th Edition.

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