An academic analysis of how the US prison system is designed to hurt the poor Requirements:

Must be 9–10 pages long, excluding the title page and bibliography. You will lose 10% for each page your paper falls short of. Simply put, if the body of your work has more than 2,500 words, you generally have enough words. Any less, and you most likely fall short.

The requirements are straightforward: you must choose a subject—any subject—that is covered in one of your textbooks and conduct in-depth research on it. Your essay MUST address a topic that was discussed in one of the course readings or an exam. Instead of choosing a general topic like “I’m going to write about street crime,” choose something much more specific like “I’m going to do a comparative analysis on how income levels in Chicago have affected crime in certain neighborhoods” (for instance).

At least ten sources must be taken from academic journals, such as those covering criminology, sociology, criminal justice, crime, and economics. A blog, a chance website, or anything else that isn’t noteworthy CANNOT be IT.

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The paper’s format

Pg. 1: Topic introduction Pg. 2-4: Justification of topic’s relevance YOU MUST MENTION AT LEAST TWO THEORIES WE’VE DISCUSSED IN OUR BOOKS
Pg 5-7 What other academics are saying about your issue, according to academic analysis this is your paper’s extensive research section, pages 8 to 10. your evaluation, your response, and eventually your conclusion

The paper MUST include a bibliography, however, the bibliography DOES NOT ADD TO THE FINAL PAGE COUNT.


I want to create an academic examination of how the US judicial system locks up the poor and lower classes while avoiding criminalizing the rich for the final paper topic. I’ll also include some statistics and information about why this problem is so prevalent in the US. The book “The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison” by Jeffrey Reiman is a fantastic resource on this subject.



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