Accounting Homework

Assume you are an analyst for an investment firm, and you have been asked to prepare a report on a particular company related to its business operations and the internal dynamics of the company.The question you are seeking to answer is: What are the operating dynamics of the company, and how is the company working to manage its costs and processes to operate more effectively?As the basis for the report, you will be analyzing the company’s most recent MD&A in the annual report, focusing on Items 1 and 7.

The paper should review what management has done to improve profitability and strengthen the company. A primary focus should be on true cost management issues. For example, this could include:

– cost reductions (e.g., labor or operating costs)

– improvements in processes (e.g., redesigns, or outsourcing)

– new efficiencies (e.g, with asset utilization)

– capital improvements

– economies of scale (such as through acquisitions)

– debt refinancing

A second focus could include other operational improvements and avenues for growth such as expanded revenues through customer initiatives or new segments; new facilities; additional staffing; technology improvements; etc.

The analysis should be approximately 4-5 pages in length.The paper should be double-spaced; Times New Roman/12 pt or Calibri/11 pt font.If you use direct language from the annual report, show it in quotes and cite it.

For submittal:

  • The analysis in Word format.
  • A pdf of Items 1 and 7 of the company’s MD&A or a link to the relevant annual report.


Grading will be based on the depth of analysis of the MD&A (15 points) and on the quality and thoughtfulness of the narrative (20 points) and writing (sentence structure, appropriate language; 5 points).

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