Accounting System(s) in a germany Country.

my group topic is germany

Topics to include about the country should/may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • History of accounting in the country
  • Cultural differences (from Canadian culture) affecting accounting and accounting systems.
  • Political environment and legal system and differences (from Canadian culture) affecting accounting and accounting systems
  • Standard setting bodies
  • Types of business entities and the information needs of various users of the financial information
  • Different accounting systems used by different types of business organizations (eg. Multinational corporation, privately held corporation, non-consolidated entity, partnership)
  • Presentation options of financial information (eg. Balance sheets, income statement formats)
  • Differences from IFRS if applicable
  • Political effect on accounting standards
  • Accounting profession
  • Examples of financial statements from selected company highlighting unique accounting differences from Canadian GAAP.

and leture in the files

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