Accounting to the public for the quality of healthcare

Assignment 2 (4,000 words) is intended to address Learning Outcomes 2-4.
• Critically examine various approaches to determining levels of quality in health care and ways of developing improvements in practice. • Critically analyze the role of the team in delivering quality person-centered care. • Critically distinguish between quality assurance, evidence-based practice, and clinical effectiveness.
Title: Accountability to the public for healthcare quality
The goal of this essay is to establish the social and political context, discuss the idea of quality in the NHS/Healthcare System and how it is managed, and show how healthcare organizations account to the public by critically analyzing some of the most important approaches and strategies that are in place, and assess how the quality assurance mechanisms adopted by organizations improve practice.
The following should be present in both essays:
Introduction The introduction will provide your interpretation of the question or subject, briefly discuss the significance of the topic or issue, describe the purpose of the essay, and list the main ideas that will be discussed.

Primary Body The main body, which is separated into multiple sections and paragraphs, is where you establish your key ideas or points of contention. As you build the concepts or ideas, the paragraphs should be logically connected together. You will give ideas or arguments in the main body that are supported by reading-related evidence. You must cite other writers’ thoughts when you discuss their concepts.
Conclusion You should summarize the important points made in the body of your conclusion. It should tie together the various parts of your essay and make sense in light of what you have said in the main body. The conclusion needs to be as well.


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