ACCT351 Please drop the OV score to under 30%

only thre costing methods are presant I need a fourth and why it is not chosen the costng method chosen is Cost volume profit. Ethical consideration in costing methods needs to be added as well


  • Determine which of the costing systems discussed in this class will work best for your company. Explain why.
    • Explain why those not chosen were not a good fit for your company.
    • You must explain “why not chosen” for a minimum of 3 costing methods.
  • Please devote at least 1 paragraph to the ethical considerations of costing methods.

This is the missing section

  • Add a section to your paper, outlining how you would implement capital budgetingin your company.
  • Prepare an example of a decision that you would make using either the IRR or Payback method of analysis. Why would you use this for your business?

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