ACCTG 310 Duquesne University Data Flow Charting and Documentation

Narrative –

Staples sells office products to various businesses across the USA. Each month the IT department provides customer statements of what was purchased by the companies to the AR department.The accountant in the AR department sends out the statements to each of the business customers.The customers then mail in their check or transmit and electronic fund as payment to Staples.The checks are sent to the cashiers office for depositing and the remittance advises are sent to AR to apply the cash to the customers’ accountants.If an electronic payment is transmitted, it goes to the bank directly. If a payment cannot be identified, it is deposited by the cashier’s office but the AR department records the amount in suspense until it can be investigated. Upon investigation of which customer paid, the AR department removes the payment from suspense and applies to the customer’s account.Any customer who has not paid their balance for over 60 days is placed on hold and no further shipments of office supplies are sent.The Accountant in the Controller’s office reconciles the AR, control account to the detail aging maintained by accounts receivable. The Controller reconciles the bank account.

  • Prepare a DFD
  • Prepare a Document Flow

can be prepared via Visio, PowerPoint,or Word

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