Address the rhetorical situation – purpose, audience and more importantly, CONTEXT – social, political,

Address the rhetorical situation – purpose, audience and more importantly, CONTEXT – social, political

The following components should be in the introduction part (1-2 paragraphs):

The topic (or problem) of your essay, as well as your position on it, should be included in the title you publish. A quotation, anecdote, statistic, or question that piques the reader’s interest serves as a hook. Remember to include attribution tags to begin quotes when utilizing them, such as [According to X, the Chairman for the Help Dallas Project, “quote quote quote” (in-text citation). Background material introduces the topic, its importance, and any contentious issues. Address the rhetorical situation, including the goal, the target audience, and most importantly, the context, which includes social, political, economic, cultural, and other factors. Topic, claim, and because clause plus a set of arguments constitute a thesis. Expression of the writer’s viewpoint (2-4 paragraphs)

Since this section serves as the essay’s primary body, I anticipate you will elaborate on it in great detail. Describe and provide evidence for each justification listed in the thesis statement. Connect each justification to a value or conviction shared by the audience (writers use pathos to their advantage by doing this). Reasons should be arranged from most significant to least important in order of importance. Place your strongest justifications toward the end of this paragraph. Issues with writing style and other aspects:

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Only use the third-person point of view! Only share personal experiences in the first person (I, me, mine). No more than 1 or 2 should be allowed. Never, ever use the second person (you, your). One of the reasons you mentioned in your thesis statement is that each body paragraph needs to begin with a distinct topic sentence. Chapter 17, Competency 17. 5 Each paragraph (the introduction and body paragraphs) should contain transitions and an old or new contract. Skills 17.1, 17.6, and 17.7 in Chapter 17 Avoid using words like “I think,” “I believe,” or “in my opinion” because it is already known that the opinions being presented in the essay are the writer’s own. Last but not least, don’t forget to cite all sources utilized in this article, whether they are direct quotes or paraphrases. Any publications submitted without any research will receive a score of 0. Additionally, publications that use research but do not provide in-text citations will likewise receive no points.

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