Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

This paper is aimed to examine the life of Adolf Hitler since he was born, through his youth life until he became Nazi dictator in Germany. This paper will closely look at his behavior as he grew up until his death in Berlin.
Delaforce, Patrich. Hitler File:The Essential Facts. Michael Omara Books Ltd, 2007. P. 12, 15,16, 27.
In this book the author indicates, that Adolf Hitler was born in the the year 1889 in an Austrian town named Braunau adjacent to the German border. Adolf Hitler was brought up in a poor family but later his father rose to become a senior customs official.
The author further states that Adolf Hitler was a very bright student who most people thought that he would continue to shine academically. In addition, religious besides portraying good leadership qualities at school.Later on Hitler lost his popularity among the other students while he was at high school.
According to Patrich, Hitler was a very active choir boy at the Roman Catholic Cathedral back in 1904.His mother hoped that one day, the son would become a monk. Later on, the mother died of cancer in the year 1907.The author indicates that at the age of fifteen years, while he was still in school, he was a great poet.He spent most of his time in drawing painting and reading novels. At age sixteen, He was very lazy and performed very well in all art classes and more specifically freehand drawing. It was very surprising that he scored highly in gymnastics and yet he was not active in sports .Many authors have concentrated on Hitler’s life since he joined the military until the Second World War.

Wilson. “The evolving world.” Oxford University Press, 2005. P. 26-27
According to Wilson, Adolf Hitler, an Austrian worked in Vienna, the capital of Austria, before joining the German army in the year 1914.In the army, Hitler rose up to the rank of a corporal during the First World War until 1921 when he became the founder member of a political party: German Socialist Party.
The party was very much authoritative and anti-communist and this led to his arrest after organizing a movement whose aim was to seize power in South Eastern Germany and later the whole of Germany.While in prison for nine months, he wrote a book, Mein Kampf, which termed the Jews as evil people and that the German were the best people in the whole World who had the sole right to rule the whole world.
In 1930s Germany was in great recession and therefore were looking for ways to stabilize their economy.Nazi,Hitler’s party got the majority seats in the parliament.It was in the year 1933 that Germany’s president,Hindenberg named him the chancellor.After the president’s death in 1934,Adolf became the German’s leader under his party,Nazi,which was extremely powerful.Hitler was very powerful because he promised the people of German prosperity and liberation of Germans in the Diaspora.His party was anti communist and therefore attracted the business community.He used his eloquence to champion the course of his party.
According to the author, Hitler was a dictator and banned all opposition parties during his regime.He believed that German were superior than other races including the Jews whom he believed to be evil and inferior.After the defeat of Germans in the World War II, he took a refuge in an underground banker in Berlin where he committed suicide in 1945(Wilson, P27).

Delaforce, Patrich. Hitler File:The Essential Facts. Michael Omara Books Ltd, 2007. P. 12, 15,16, 27.
Wilson. “The evolving world.” Oxford University Press, 2005. P.26-27.


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