Advance Phatophysiolo across lifespan
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2) Format Issues: Please answer each question below the individual question (dont combine the entire section into one large paragraph it makes it harder for your grader to find the answers or what you planned to be your answer). It does not have to be in APA format, but your references should be typed in APA format.
c. Patho of the Disorder (10pts): What happens that causes the disorder to occur? In the development? Or the external factors? What causes it (in your own words, so I know that you understand it). If you read about the patho in the couple articles you find like in Neonatal Network or Journal of Perinatology or Pediatrics having read about it a couple times, then you should start having an idea of how it occurs and why this baby has it if its a babys case. If adult do the same. So describe the pathophysiology or cause of the disorder. Explain it step by step even if we dont know the exact cause, but we know that “there has to be gut ischemia first, then bacteria have to show up and feedings exacerbate it. For example “The bacteria enter the bowel via the area damaged by ischemia…the bacteria enter the lining of the gut and multiply and release gas, which can accumulate within the bowel wall. If the necrosis from the ischemia is severe or the damage by bacteria is severe, then it can perforate the muscular layer of the bowel wall and cause a perforation.” That is the kind of explanation I want. You do not have to describe the cytokines or leukotrienes like PAF, TNF, interleukins, growth factors, etc. Just state there is inflammation and the inflammatory mediators show up. I really want to know that you understand it. AND YOU MUST WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS!! NO QUOTES AND NO PLAGIARISM!!
d. Physiology of the Symptoms (10 pts): What causes the symptoms that were discusses as important with this disorder? So for NEC, you explain that aspirates and distension occur due to a paralytic ileus that occurs with any damage to the gut. Fever, lethargy, and apnea/bradys occur because of the overwhelming septicemia that develops. I hope that is making sense. (no symptom physiology/patho = Minus 10 pts each section)

4) Differential & Definitive Diagnosis: This is usually just a list of some possible diagnoses that could have some of these same symptoms. Your favorite should be on the list. Then state why you picked the one from the list that is the most logical and just explain why you picked it….

5) Laboratory Findings: If you order something, it should be something that helps you with your specific diagnosis. If you order it, you must explain what the result would be if the patient did have that diagnosis…what would you find? Important that you know this, not just ordering a bunch of studies, but you need to know what the normal and abnormals are for each study you order.

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6) ADULT CASES: (see sample in the case study module)

7) APA & CITATIONS/REFERENCES: You do not need to use APA format, or double spacing, but leave room between your questions and answers for us to place comments in the grading system

You DO NEED citations throughout the paper for anything that has statistics, numbers, or things you didnt know before you looked it up. If the information is in every resource you look at the same information and pretty much all nurses know this inforamtion, then you do not need to cite it. If it is your own head knowledge, written in your own words, you do not need to cite it. If you use a couple resources for their ideas, then cite them both for those ideas within the paper. Citations should be at the point where the ideas are referred to (not just at the end of the paragraphs). REFERENCES: The minimal amount required is 2 articles and your textbook! Also, use of the eMedicine website (which is really good) but this cant be your article to summarize, or the UpToDate website for adult references. These will help you (like an encyclopedia) with all the basic information. But find 2 ARTICLES that help explain the pathophysiology for your summaries for the extra credit points. Also, websites that are NOT peer-reviewed should NEVER be used for scholarly work, therefore, no Wikipedia PLEASE!!! No citations = Minus 5pts & Minus 5 pts for no references = TOTAL 10 points off if no references used!! DONt forget the references!!

8) ARTICLE SUMMARIES X 2 for EXTRA CREDIT(+ 5pts): Use the articles in your case studies if you want the extra points. Then write up the summaries into a 2 paragraphs about what you learned from the article
if it wasnt very good, say so. If you learned a lot that helped you with the case, say that. Explain what you learned….not just that you did learn. If these 2 summaries are written and you upload a copy of the article in PDF format (not scanned copies please and no links please….), then youll get the 5 points. If you do NOT upload the article, you will lose 1 point for each of the extra credit points.
If you do not include the article, then you get only 3 pts extra….because then the faculty have to spend our time trying to find the article online. Also, dont give us just the link either. Links may not always work depending on where you are…so for the full credit points, you upload 2 articles.
Only upload the 2 articles that you write summaries on.

Required textbook
McCance, K. & Huether, S. (2014). Pathophysiology : the biologic basis for disease in adults and children. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier.

The diagnosis Its a complete molar pregnancy.
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