Adolescence: A Developmental Paper

Week 5 | Advancing Development Paper Adolescence Order Description
Do some research and write a detailed plan for how you can best support your designated area of development for adolescence (cognitive, physical, emotional/spiritual, spiritual, and moral). When you:
1. Determine 2-4 critical problems with this developmental period (adolescence) as they relate to the areas of growth (cognitive, physical, emotional/spiritual, and spiritual) and offer concrete solutions.
2. Identify and briefly describe two potential issues that may arise at this stage of growth (adolescence) in relation to the areas of cognitive, physical, emotional/spiritual, and moral development, and offer solutions to the issues that may arise. Find solutions to improve this stage and area of growth if severe difficulties are not relevant. All advice must be supported by professionals or research.
3. Create three to four multiple-choice or short-answer test questions. Answers should be saved in a separate document for later submission.
4. APA format, at least 5 sources, 3 pages long
a textbook

Discovering the lifespan, 1st edition, R. S. Feldman, Old Tappan, NJ: Pearson Publishing, 2008.

Example: Adolescent Physical Development

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Information about the importance of potty training for young children and how to address or improve this situation
Another crucial matter
Another crucial matter

Possible issues include difficulty with details as a result of a child losing physical abilities.
Another potential issue

question in a quiz

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