Finalized Adverts & Reports for the Advertising Campaign

Order Specifications
Your campaign should address the unique message delivery, source, and channel issues and should use pertinent theory to explain the psychology and justification of your plan. Make sure your proposal aligns with the client’s goals. A 4000-word limit should be imposed on the written report. Be original! Keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words, so whenever feasible, include some images or simple sketches.

Factors affecting the message, source, and channel include: message appeal (Will you employ an emotional or rational appeal? Which kind? Describe how the attraction affects your customer.)
Structure of the Message (How will you deliver your message? Your arguments, in what order? two or one side? Visual or verbal? Will you be disputing any particular assertions? Describe how the architecture influences your client.)
Source Details (Will you be using any sources that include advertisements? What qualities do they require? Credibility? Attractiveness? Power? Will a famous person, a company representative, or an ordinary model be used? What did you think about? How will these traits impact how the advertisement is processed?)
How will the processing of your advertisement be affected by the channel factors (i.e., how do consumers process information via this channel)? Do they actively participate in the media? Is the audience more passive or interactive when it comes to the media?)
How will you carry out your main idea and the appeal you’ll employ to spread your message within the advertisement? Are you employing a certain execution method? Describe how it will affect your target audience.)
Pre-finished Finalized Adverts: Using the execution strategies and media format features you learned in class, you must produce finalized versions of all of your advertisements. If you have any videos or links to internet resources, add the links to the report and, if you can, submit the videos to Blackboard as well. For example, you might submit a detailed storyboard for a video advertisement rather than an actual film. They do not need to be the complete production but should demonstrate the specifics of the advertisement (see sorts of prefinished advertisements in the slides).
To support your choices, don’t forget to bring up pertinent theories of persuasion, learning, perception, and motivation during the discussion. How, for instance, will exposure be made possible? What elements will you employ to attract attention? And how will you convince them to understand your message properly?

You have the opportunity to develop something that will actually be used because this campaign is for a genuine client! Try your hardest.

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