Advertising in Papua New Guinea


A small troupe of actors in Papua New Guinea takes advertising on the road, bringing the marketing messages of consumer products into the hinterland where three-quarters of the population have no access to television or other media. This selection shows how they entice their audience to consume such products as Coca-Cola, toothpaste, and laundry detergent. Instructions: Number and answer each of the following questions about the linked video clip above. (HINT! Underlined terms are identified in Chapter 2 of your textbook). How are the “advertising missionaries” challenging the mental maps of reality for their audience in rural Papua New Guinea? If this is an example of enculturation, to what are the people of Papua New Guinea being enculturated into? Do you see this as part of a global “homogenizing effect”? How is “power” involved in this dynamic? Would you describe it as hegemonic? Why or why not? How might the introduction of the products promoted by the troupe of actors affect Aluago? Do you see this as positive or negative? Why? here is the video 

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