Educate the parties about their own legal rights

Order Description NB. You MUST cite both academic and legal authorities to support your claims.
a case study
For the past ten years, Joanna Luther has worked as a conductor for the nearby coach firm Corby Express Ltd. She began working for Corby Express Ltd. as an apprentice when she was 16 years old, and after several years she was promoted to senior conductor. Joanna puts in a lot of effort and is well-liked by both her clients and her coworkers.

At the Royal Infirmary in Corby, Martin, Joanna’s husband, works as a nurse. Martin and Joanna both recently joined the Trojan Temple of God Congregation in Corby. As a symbol of their devotion, adherents of the Trojan religion are required to wear a silver chain around their necks that features the Trojan symbol.
a) Tom, Joanna’s line manager, informed her three days ago that a number of clients had voiced concerns about the “odd” emblem that she was wearing around her neck. Tom told her that if she wanted to keep her work, she needed to get rid of her chain. Joanna, who has always covered her necklace with her uniform in a discrete manner, is devastated by Tom’s response. (2000 words)
b) Last week, following an urgent procedure, Martin was approached by the Corby Royal Infirmary’s senior doctor, who warned him against wearing a chain while at work since it could be dangerous to his health and interfere with his ability to do his job. Tom, a devout follower of the Trojan religion, was concerned that if he continued to wear his chain, he might lose his job. (2000 words)

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Give Joanna and Martin advice on any legal options they may have regarding their respective employers.

TASK: Submit an academically sound report with legal citations that identify the parties and inform them of their legal responsibilities.
It asked for six references for each case.

1. You are dealing with indirect prejudice in the following situation:

British Airways v. Eweida (2013).
2. Students are required to advise the staff members and respond to the assignment’s questions.

You can earn bonus points by advising the respective employers.

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