Africa’s role in the world economy

Technology Institute of Dublin

Aungier Avenue

D2 Dublin

degree in economics and finance DT399 Second Year Globalization and International Trade

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Continuous Evaluation

(This component accounts for 20% of the total for globalization and international trade)

Deadline: Thursday, December 10, 2015, at 13:00

A prepared essay on one of the following topics is required.

Essay headings

(i) Health and globalization

Africa’s role in the global economy (ii)

Development aid: Angus Deaton and Jeffrey Sachs

All essays must be 1,500 words in length and submitted by Thursday, December 10, 2015, at 13:00 hours to office number 3047.2 or in class.

The student’s signature on a class roster is required as proof of submission.

Please remember to use academic sources in addition to any appropriate online sites. A reference section is necessary because referencing must follow the guidelines in the DIT College of Business Style Guide, which is accessible on WebCourses.

You can submit essays early. The standard punishments apply if an essay is turned in late.

Essays that are past due will be subject to the regular DIT penalties for late essays.

In addition to an additional 2% per day for every consecutive working day the essay is late, there are 25% fines for being overdue.

Writing an essay in English is required. Instead of using bullet points, it should be spelled out in entire sentences. Essays that are not clear will receive a lower grade. Essays ought to have accurate citations.



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