Africa in the Global economy
Dublin Institute of Technology

Aungier Street

Dublin 2

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B Sc Economics and Finance DT399 Second Year International Trade and Globalization

Continuous Assessment

(this element is 20% of the total for International Trade and Globalization)

Deadline: 13:00 hours on Thursday10th December 2015

The requirement is to prepare an essay on one of the following titles.

Essay Titles

(i) Globalization and health

(ii) Africa in the Global economy

(iii) Angus Deaton and Jeffrey Sachs on development aid

All essays should be of 1,500 words in length, and they must be handed in class or to Office number 3047.2 no later than 13:00 hours on Thursday 10th December 2015.

A signature by the student on a class list is required as confirmation of submission.

Please note that academic sources should be used, in addition to web-resources where applicable. Referencing is as set out in the DIT College of Business Style Guide, available on WebCourses, so a reference section is a requirement.

Essays may be submitted early. The late submission of an essay will incur the usual penalties.

If essays are overdue, they will then incur the standard DIT penalties for overdue essays.

These penalties are 25% for being overdue, with an additional 2%, per day, for very additional working day that the essay is late.

The requirement is to write an essay in English. It should be written out in full sentences, and not bullet points. Essays that are unclear will be marked down. Essays must be properly referenced.

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